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Dirty, Dirty Backtraces

I doubt anyone in recorded history has had to put an NSFW warning on a link to a backtrace and .xsession-errors dump in a bug report, but I’m going to have to here.

The lesson is: don’t paste logs containing references to media files you might not want to admit to having.

With thanks to Davey for the tip. One thing still disturbs me about this: how the hell is A Shark’s Tale sandwiched between Little Miss Innocent and, well, a video it’s probably better I don’t copy the title for? The thought process boggles my mind…

2 Responses to “Dirty, Dirty Backtraces”

  1. David Adam Says:

    Aww, now heading to that bug gets your redirected to http://www.gnome.org.

  2. Adam Harvey Says:

    How very disappointing. Trust me when I say that the original contained some pretty “interesting” movie files, many of which described acts illegal in every country I know of.