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Bertrand Gugger

Bertrand Gugger, better known to many as toggg, passed away on Saturday night from a heart attack. Bertrand was a contributor to PEAR, jQuery, TikiWiki and SPIP, who have compiled a tribute page to him.

He was a strong, valued member of the PEAR community who was always ready with an opinion, a joke, and helpful advice. Indeed, last year, Bertrand was the first person to help me when I was getting involved with PEAR development, and I always enjoyed chatting to him on #pear. Like many others, I’ll miss his company and experience.

Bertrand is survived by his wife and four children, and my condolences go to them on their loss.

(Image from Flickr; taken by Olivier Gendrin.)

2 Responses to “toggg”

  1. Norbert Says:

    I’m so sorry. I remember discussing many interesting topics online with him. We didn’t talk recently but I always appreciated his efforts on making the world a better place for all of us by his contributions to all the open source stuff he has been working on. toggg, we’ll miss you a lot.

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