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Port 70

For your viewing pleasure, this blog is now available through the finest client-server protocol of 1991: Gopher! Yes, gopher://✎.net is now active.

The hacked-up bit of Python that powers this can be had under the MIT license: wp-gopher-0.1.tar.gz. Time will tell if there’s a 0.2, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. Send any bug reports or patches to the e-mail address in the README. (Preferably patches.)

In related news, I think complete madness has now set in due to the stress of uni. Hooray!

Addendum: This is also available via IPv6 at gopher://[2001:5c0:8fff:fffe::6f6b]/. Is this the only IPv6 Gopher server on the Internet, I wonder?

6 Responses to “Port 70”

  1. Johannes Says:

    Well, IE doesn’T support gopher anymore and Firfox is going to loose it, too. Soon there won’T be many potential users anymore :-) https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=388195

  2. Gareth Heyes Says:


    Go gopher! It’s making a come back.

  3. Adam Harvey Says:

    Johannes: Now you’ve just gotten me interested in writing the JavaScript Gopher implementation they want in that bug, dammit. :)

  4. Sara Golemon Says:

    Browsers might not support it, but you can always poll it using PHP ( http://pecl.php.net/package/Net_Gopher )


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  6. Nakedcellist Says:

    Because of the xkcd comic of today I wanted to run gopher too.. then I thought: let’s do something perverse: let’s run a gopher server ip ipv6.. but then I discovered this site.. dammit! You already did that! I salute you..