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Apparently Procrastination Isn’t Just For Students

The hardest thing to deal with when it comes to exam results is waiting for them to be released. It’s worse when your university is the last one to do so. Plus, I’m still unconvinced that I passed one of the units, which isn’t a nice feeling when you went into the exam needing just 20%.

To take my mind off it (particularly since the results won’t be out until next week), I’ve been revising my enrolment for next year slightly. It’s a little scary to suddenly realise that you’re enrolled in all the units that you need to graduate — particularly when you’ve been working on the degree for eight years.

Now I just need to take my mind off that little fact. Well, I can always whinge about my timetable for next semester. Admittedly, it’s my own fault to some extent that it’s a bit crap; if I’d enrolled in video production to start with instead of adapted screenplays (what the hell was I thinking, enrolling in two scriptwriting units in the same semester?), I’d have gotten the tutorial time for video production that would have fitted in better with the rest of my timetable. Still, I’ve managed to keep the timetable to three days a week, so it’s not really that bad — bar the six hour gap between classes on Mondays.

Time to figure out some way of keeping myself amused at uni for a period that’s two hours beyond my laptop battery’s maximum endurance, I guess. Maybe the marvellous invention known as the tavern might help somehow…

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