I've decided to retire this blog — I don't really see myself updating it any time soon, and haven't for over two years anyway. I intend to leave the content on-line for the forseeable future, but have converted it to a static site. As a result, dynamic things like search and comments aren't really going to work.

You can find me on Twitter or on Google+ if you like. Alternatively, I'm usually on IRC as LawnGnome on Freenode.

Thanks for reading!

You Complete Me


Last university related post for a while, I promise. I just spotted the above on my course information page on the university enrolment system. The fact that my projected course status is Complete (albeit not for another eleven months or so) is very, very odd after so long in the twilight zone between “degree started” and “degree complete”. It’s also rather motivating, I have to say. Sure, that motivation will drain away after about two lectures next semester, but for now, I’m gung-ho!

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