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Things That Annoy Me About Uni, 2007 Volume, Part 1

In this, the first of what’s likely to be an ongoing series, the author discusses things that grate at university…

Please be advised that due to low enrolments, the Tuesday 1530-1730 lab for FAV2203 Scriptwriting: Television Drama has been cancelled. You have been moved to the tutorial on Tuesday 930-1130.

Yes, because there’s absolutely no chance that having only one tutorial time1 will cause students studying two majors to have a massive conflict with other units that they absolutely, positively have to get done.

So much for my plan to do a three unit semester in the second half of the year so I could give due care and attention to my various final projects while still having a vague hope of sleeping a few hours a night.

Oh, and a special thank you to whoever made this decision at lunchtime the Friday before classes start. Great work. Really.

1 Seriously, who has one tutorial time nowadays? Surely it makes sense to have two tutorials just so that this doesn’t happen, regardless of enrolment levels.

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