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Numfar, No Longer Do the Dance of /away!

Shockingly, Telstra have managed to fix my phone line in one day. This is a new record for me when dealing with their residential arm. Hell, I once worked for a company who had a contract with Telstra that boiled down to we will fix any possible problem with your bundle of regular lines and fixed landlines within four hours, guaranteed (don’t ask how much it cost — suffice to say that I could have had a small army of minions with the money that was spent each month) and they still once suffered a fault of three days duration. At least the compensation could also have paid for the minions. (It didn’t, sadly. Volunteer minions are surprisingly hard to find.)

That said, their definition of fix isn’t all that reassuring, since it basically involved replacing one temporary line (complete with bite marks — the finger of suspicion is pointed squarely at the two rabbits that have taken up residence on our block) with… another temporary line. Great.

Ended up going to the Pinnacles this afternoon to spend a sunset there, which has been on my list of things to do for a while. It might have been more impressive without the cloud cover that swept in late in the afternoon, but it was still seriously cool in a way that I’m sure my mobile phone camera has completely failed to reproduce. Still, I got a bit of writing done for next semester’s film units, so at least today wasn’t a complete wash.

One Response to “Numfar, No Longer Do the Dance of /away!”

  1. Cameron Says:

    Heh, I’m planning on taking a friend from Sydney (who’s visiting Perth for a while) up to the Pinnacles tomorrow arvo. It is really spiffy around sunset – or was when I went there a while ago! Here’s hoping it doesn’t rain…