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Dubnium SVN

I’m still working on the Trac installation for Dubnium (and since it won’t be ready tonight, I guess it could be a few more days before it’s done), but there’s now a public Subversion repository at https://svn.dubnium.info:81/ with the 0.1.0 code. Read-only access should work without needing to authenticate.

For those not yet introduced to the ways of SVN, the following command should get you the 0.1.0 release:

svn co https://svn.dubnium.info:81/tags/0.1.0/ dubnium-0.1.0

And for the latest trunk code (which at present is exactly the same):

svn co https://svn.dubnium.info:81/trunk/ dubnium

I’ll pop up another post when I actually have Trac working as it should.

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