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DB 1.7.13 Released

I’ve just released version 1.7.13 of PEAR’s DB package. This includes a couple of minor fixes for the MySQL, MySQLi and SQLite drivers, none of which I’d class as particularly urgent. Grab it at your leisure from a PEAR server near you.

Important note: It’s been this way for a couple of years now, but I’d again like to reiterate that DB is deprecated in favour of MDB2, which is pretty DB-like if you load the Extended module. If you haven’t already made plans to migrate your programs depending on DB to MDB2, now might be a good time to start.

Particularly in light of this post to PEAR-DEV, which I predict is going to create considerably more e-mail for me to sort through. Short version: I’m considering setting an end-of-life date for DB at 8/8/8, the same as PHP4′s end-of-security-fix-life date. If you want to address the open questions in that post, feel free to reply to PEAR-DEV or my e-mail directly. My e-mail address is on the sidebar both on my blog home page and my about page.

2 Responses to “DB 1.7.13 Released”

  1. Sascha Says:

    Do you have double checked that the E_STRICT changes don’t affect PHP4-Compatibility as it does change the way how objects are handled.. ?

    Just to be sure, this tiny little character can produce quite big problems ;)

  2. Adam Harvey Says:

    I ran an extremely thorough set of regression tests on PHP4. I’m pretty confident about it.

    Nevertheless, any bugs can be reported on the PEAR bug tracker, of course.