I've decided to retire this blog — I don't really see myself updating it any time soon, and haven't for over two years anyway. I intend to leave the content on-line for the forseeable future, but have converted it to a static site. As a result, dynamic things like search and comments aren't really going to work.

You can find me on Twitter or on Google+ if you like. Alternatively, I'm usually on IRC as LawnGnome on Freenode.

Thanks for reading!

Don’t Sniff the Ethernet Cables, Kiddies

One of the nice things about setting up a new blog — or any Web site — is the possibilities. One of the frightening things about setting up a new blog is actually coming up with some sort of content to fill it.

As the name of this blog suggests (it’s called Five Minutes, for those playing the home game), I’m going to attempt to write for five minutes a day about whatever takes my fancy. Call it the site’s gimmick, or reason for being.

Why five minutes? The main reason is that I’m trying to learn to write better under time pressure. Scriptwriting classes where you have 90 minutes to write a few pages can be a bit intimidating, to say the least. Writing under even more time pressure seems to be a good idea to me.

Of course, it’s likely that I won’t get to this every day, due to uni, work, cricket, and the myriad other things that eat away at my time, but let’s see how long I can keep it up.

Well, that’s five minutes.

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