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Undesirable content

Tried to access my home server from university (the same university that blocks access to everything except HTTP(S) via a proxy — not even outbound port 22, requires all wireless connections to go over an unsecured network then uses a PPTP VPN over that, rather than the more obvious 802.1x authentication, and other bits of IT bizarreness) and got this wonderful screen (URL and user name blanked out to protected the guilty):

ContentKeeper Fail

I’m not quite sure what’s malicious about a Mythweb interface, but hey, who am I to argue with the sensible people in university ITS.

2 Responses to “Undesirable content”

  1. Jeremy Says:

    Ah, how unlucky. At least when I was at TAFE, they allowed outbound port 22, even though every single other port was blocked. (Probably they had some Linux guy in some department that convinced them to allow it. Kudos to whoever he/she is.)

    You could try running SSH or OpenVPN on TCP port 443 at home, and that should allow you to get through their HTTP proxies (provided it’s only a URL-based or port 80-only block). OpenVPN has built-in support for HTTP proxies (use the http-proxy option in your configuration). SSH is a little tricker, as it doesn’t have built-in support. If your university uses HTTP proxies, then Corkscrew is your answer. If it uses SOCKS proxies, then you can use tsocks, which is a little easier than Corkscrew.

  2. Adam Harvey Says:

    Sadly, I’ve had the outbound 22 argument before with ITS. I lost, obviously.

    Historically, I’ve used GNU httptunnel to get a SSH connection out, but I might check out Corkscrew as well. Cheers for the tip.