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wp-gopher ₀.₂.₁

Every time I release a version of wp-gopher I assume I’m done with it, since it’s a trivial little bit of Python that does one thing and does it well barely adequately. Neverthless, I got annoyed with the lack of character set support in it, so I’ve quickly hacked up a rudimentary fix — you can now define the character set in the configuration file and wp-gopher will insert an appropriate <meta> Content-Type tag to enforce it within blog posts (supporting non-Latin-1 text in the index would require character set support within the Gopher protocol, which doesn’t exist, as far as I know). The default is UTF-8, unsurprisingly.

To prove that it works, you can view this very blog post via Gopher (possibly even IPv6 Gopher, if you have IPv6 connectivity) and marvel at the following string of UTF-8 encoded Arabic, which Wikipedia claims is the Arabic name for Perth: بيرث.

A tarball is available: wp-gopher-0.2.1.tar.gz (SHA-1 sum: b9f9f1ced88464a1ff52cef5d088f2d046d7a20d), or you can git clone http://www.adamharvey.name/git/wp-gopher for the latest trunk.

2 Responses to “wp-gopher ₀.₂.₁”

  1. Bradley Baetz Says:

    That’s insane…. I wrote the mozilla gopher code because one particular site hadn’t moved from gopher to http, but that was back in 2001..

  2. Adam Harvey Says:

    I believe I owe you a frosty beverage for implementing said Gopher code. I’m just dreading* its removal in Firefox.next.

    * OK, dread’s overstating it, but I’ll be slightly peeved.