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Minutiae of Travelling

It’s been one of the less eventual day’s travel in my life, and I’m glad of that. Suffice it to say that the flight was efficient, the taxi ride from the airport easy, and checking into the college simple enough once a working intercom was found.

So, what of the conference and Sydney? Hard to make a definitive call after less than eight hours, but first impressions are positive. The conference Internet access is yet to be enabled (It was enabled on Monday morning, so no complaints there.), but since the conference proper doesn’t start until tomorrow that’s hardly a big deal, although it did cause a little consternation while trying to work out the arrangements for getting to the Löwenbräu, since the details were on the Wiki.

Once there, though, a good time was had by all. I think rather more people showed up than Steve, who organised it (and was quoted late in the night as saying, If I do this again in Melbourne (LCA 2008), shoot me) or the Löwenbräu staff expected, but it still went off without a hitch. Adam and I even managed to find our way back to UNSW without help, which surprised me a tad.

Beyond that, I can’t really comment on Sydney. We did get a really quick look at the bridge and Opera House from Circular Quay, which at least means that I probably have now qualified as Australian under some sort of eastern states metric.

Really, though, it’s just good to be here. The conversations about DRM and PHP on the bus, Dayvd stoking the vi/emacs war at dinner… the next week promises to be enjoyably geeky. Both Disco Stu and I can’t wait!

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