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Are the “Winner Is…” Jokes Played Out Yet?

Day one of LCA 2007. Went to Jeff’s tremendously entertaining conference opening, dealt with a server at work that managed to fall over while Adam and I were still on the plane yesterday, and finally decided that I could skip a few sessions and check out Sydney City.

Sydney Opera House

Of course, what that really means is that I went to Circular Quay, went over the Harbour Bridge, got a ferry across the harbour, walked around the Opera House, and got incredibly cheesed off at the price of going up Sydney Tower. I think that gives me the authentic Sydney tourist experience in three hours flat.

Now back at the Pavillion sucking up some sweet, sweet wireless. There was talk on the Shalom whiteboard of there being a New Zealanders dinner (with us West Islanders invited too), but I think it’ll end up just being a quiet dinner at one of the restaurants on Anzac Parade and an early night, because let’s face it, there’s not going to be too many more from here.

Tomorrow: Chris Blizzard, Jokosher and tonnes of Postgres.

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