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Shalom Wireless

Just ran into some orange shirted guys while warwalking around Shalom. Basically, the deal with wireless at present is this: if you are immediately around room 113 (or 213, or maybe G13), chances are you can access wireless. If you are anywhere else, chances are you cannot. Unfortunately, this doesn’t encompass any common areas except for maybe the first floor pool room — it didn’t work for me, but if you have a good wireless chipset or coathanger antenna or something, you might have more luck.

As I understand it, there’s just no way to get LCA network infrastructure into anywhere more useful in Shalom, and after talking to them, they (for understandable reasons) won’t let us run a cat 5 cable down to the first floor common room or somewhere equally useful. Therefore, it looks like we may be, as the technical term goes, SOL.

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