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Shalom Wireless II: Electric Boogaloo

First, Shalom wireless news: we now have coverage of the first floor common room (which is next to the dining room, for those who haven’t quite figured out the building layout yet) and the couches at the top of the stairs. The Internet is spotty and not especially quick, but it does work. Massive thanks to John Ferlito, Ian Beardslee, Steve Walsh, Andy Kirkpatrick and the people whose names I didn’t catch but who helped while getting our insanely hackish wireless network happening, particularly Ian’s friend with the OpenWRT-fu.

In non-Shalom-wireless news, there was a party tonight. It was good, since it involves an open bar and free swag. Of course, said bar and swag led to… the Linux ninja!

The Linux Ninja is rare and mysterious

Moving right along, the bar tab partway through the night can be seen below. I feel sorry for whomever’s Google corporate credit card is being used.

Thanks Google!

Still, I think everyone had a good time. Much networking (of the social variety) took place, which is always excellent. The dancing, however…

The Funky Disco Monkeys

Anyway, in other news, the PostgreSQL talks I went to today (the ones before and after lunch) were terrific. I think you would have learned something from those sessions pretty much regardless of your experience with Postgres, which is the sign of a really good talk. Kudos to the organisers in general for shuffling the rooms allocated to each talk around after lunch, too — the Postgres talk, for one, really benefitted from the larger room.

Before I go to bed, a question. Can anyone explain how the fan seen below, which is in one of the Shalom common areas, is supposed to work? Note the length of the power cable attached to it and the location of the power point.

The fan and its cord

Truly, a mystery for the ages.

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