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Wireless Brings the World Together

Random images from Shalom College tonight. People say the Internet and pervasive wireless will isolate people in their rooms — these images suggest that less-than-pervasive wireless will actually bring people together.

Shalom First Floor Link

The link between the old and new parts of Shalom’s first floor.

Shalom First Floor Stairs

The very popular couch area at the top of Shalom’s main staircase… now with wireless behind the bin!

Shalom First Floor Common Room

The main common room in Shalom. Note the various groups of people interacting in ways other than IRC. (Yes, really.)

Shalom Common Room (Near the TV)

More people in the common room.

So, as you can see, LCA once again brings people together from across the hacking world into university accommodation. It’s like a slightly geeky “Big Brother” without cameras. That we know of.

Finally, I give you Steve without his super wireless powers:

Steve Without His Amazing 802.11 Powers

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