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What I Did In My First Week At Work

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

Insert pun involving the word “beary” here.

For the record, that’s not my bear. I was involved in the tie situation, however.

Listening to Distant Thunder

Friday, March 7th, 2008

It’s a little difficult to believe that I haven’t blogged since the end of January. I haven’t just lost the habit, I’ve buried it in a secret location in the Gobi that only male-line descendants of Chinggis Khaan can find. So, rather than bore people who are still reading and haven’t just hit j or k already in Google Reader (depending on their reading habits — I’m a ker myself), I shall instead rapidly summarise the last six weeks.

I got a real, paying job, which I start on Monday. It’s a Perl <insert inarticulate grumble here> programming role (people in Perth probably already know who it’s with just based on that). I’ll likely post more details on that when I figure out what it’s really all about. For now, it just feels strange to be going back to full-time work after 54 weeks out of the saddle.

After dithering on the subject, I did end up signing up for a Graduate Certificate in film stuff. I only have time to do one unit a semester, but that’s enough to keep the creative juices going. I hope. First project: a music video, due in about three weeks, give or take. Now I just have to resist the urge to do everything in stop motion.

Frustratingly, not only am I still not allowed to drive after my overly dramatic collapse in Melbourne in January — barrels of fun when you live in the sticks with wildly inadequate public transport — but I haven’t even had the required follow-up with a neurologist yet. (I have, however, had all the requisite tests, and everything has apparently come back normal. Yes, that means I now have scientific proof that I actually have a brain.) Most of the neurologists in Perth have, as a minimum, three month waiting lists even for private patients, and having found one who didn’t have such a long waiting list and who had a good reputation, he’s since cancelled my appointment six times. We’re going for number seven tomorrow, and if it doesn’t go ahead, it’s going to be mighty awkward mighty fast with my forthcoming work commitments to schedule another appointment — with him or anyone else.

Truthfully, given the difficulty I’ve had getting places since I got back from Melbourne (friends and family have been good, but there’s only so much you can ask), I’ve spent entirely too much time at home feeling sorry for myself in the last few weeks, and not enough time doing stuff. Including blogging. Really, it’s time to kick myself out of this funk. So, to summarise this self-indulgent post:

I’m in ur planets writing ur blogs

…because, hey, it beats the hell out of just watching TV all day.

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